Automate Outdoor Lighting with the S-Click Sunset Switch with Eco Mode
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S-Click Sunset SwitchS-Click Sunset Switch
Jan 2034 4 min read

Automate Outdoor Lighting with the S-Click Sunset Switch with Eco Mode

The Cabac S-Click HSC110SS Sunset Switch is an Australian Designed solution to automate outdoor lighting and enhance energy efficiency for both homes and businesses. By ensuring lights are only illuminated when necessary, this versatile switch offers four distinct operating modes, empowering electricians to tailor a bespoke outdoor lighting program that aligns with specific client needs and settings. Ideal applications include walkways, verandas, courtyards, and car parks. 

4-in-1 Patented Design

Operating on an advanced photo-electric sensor, our sunset switch provides seamless ON/OFF control, reacting to ambient light levels with precision. Unlike other switches requiring on-site calibration, the HSC110SS arrives pre-calibrated from the factory, boasting a swift 30-second warm-up time for hassle-free installation. Its adaptable form factor allows for easy retrofitting onto HPM bases, simplifying replacements for upgrades or repairs. 
Built with durability in mind, our weatherproof Sunset Switch features rugged construction and holds an IP66 ingress protection rating, offering peace of mind for outdoor installations. For guidance on maintaining this rating, consult our product manual. 

4-in-1 Patented Design: Our innovative 4-in-1 design ensures value for money, increased flexibility, and streamlines inventory for tradespeople. Supporting both basic and advanced options, the HSC110SS caters to a wide range of requirements in domestic and commercial settings. 

Discover the S-Click 4-in-1 Sunset Switch

Our sunset switch provides seamless ON/OFF control, reacting to ambient light levels with precision. 

Operating Modes

  • Standard Mode: Traditional dusk 'til dawn switching, responding to ambient light levels with a one-minute switching delay for added reliability. 
  • Delay Timer Mode: Allows lights to remain ON for a specified duration after sunset, conserving power when illumination is only needed for part of the night.
  • ECO Mode: Enhances energy savings by intelligently switching lights off during periods of reduced necessity, adapting automatically to seasonal changes. 
  • Real Time Mode: Enables the selection of a consistent turn OFF time every night, maintaining a reliable lighting schedule. 

Setting each mode is a breeze with the 8 internal DIP switches, offering quicker programming than traditional rotary methods. The package includes all necessary parts, including glands and a DIP switch tool. The unit includes helpful information for electrical contractors to select and program each mode, with a default option in case of incorrect time setting. 

As about the Cabac S-Click sunset switch at your local wholesaler. Find your nearest wholesaler here. Account wholesale customers can login to buy now. 

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