Switch Sunset Weatherproof 16A IP66

Item Number: HSC110SS
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Light Sensitive Weatherproof Sunset Switch 240V 16Amp AC 50Hz Switches ON at 25 LUX and OFF at 50 LUX
  • 4 Programable Modes - Dusk to Dawn - Delay Time Off - Real Time Off - ECO Mode
  • Easy Set programs Via 8 DIP Switches Can also be retrofitted to HPM Base
  • Easy to Read detailed Instruction Manual included
  • Heavy Duty Large Brass Screw Terminals for easy Wiring
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Product Information

Product Description

Our popular HSC110SS sunset switch is designed to automate outdoor lighting, improving the energy efficiency of homes and businesses by ensuring that lights are only on when they are needed. With four operating modes to choose from, the HSC110SS gives electricians the flexibility to create a custom outdoor lighting program that suits the specific needs of the client or setting. Possible applications for sunset switches include walkways, verandas, courtyards and car parks.

Our sunset switch provides ON/OFF control using a photo-electric sensor that detects the ambient light level and switches the relay accordingly. Unlike many sunset switches that need to be calibrated on-site, the HSC110SS comes auto-calibrated from the factory. This feature, along with a warm up time of only 30-seconds, allows for quick and easy installation. The unit has a form factor that can be retrofitted directly onto HPM bases. This makes it easy to replace existing units with our model for upgrades or repairs.

Our weatherproof sunset switch is supported by rugged construction and an IP66 ingress protection rating, providing peace of mind for outdoor installations. Refer to the product manual for helpful information on how to protect and maintain this IP rating.

4-in-1 Patented Design

Our 4-in-1 design delivers value for money, offers more flexibility and simplifies inventory for tradespeople. Because the HSC110SS supports both basic and advanced options, electricians can feel confident that our versatile unit will cover a wide range of the requirements they are likely to encounter in domestic and commercial settings.

Standard mode provides traditional dusk 'til dawn switching. The HSC110SS will turn lights on and off when a set level of ambient light is reached. When the ambient light is low enough, the unit will switch lights on. When ambient light increases, the unit will switch lights off. Our design incorporates measures that prevent the unit from switching in the event that ambient light levels change temporarily. A one-minute switching delay means that the unit won't turn lights on during daylight if the sensor is momentarily blocked, and won't turn lights off during the night if the sensor is exposed to car headlights or a flash of lightning.

Delay timer mode allows the installer to specify that lights remain ON for a fixed duration after sunset. This mode is useful when lights are only required for the first part of the night and can then be turned off to conserve power. The timer can be set for durations from 30 minutes up to 15 hours and 30 minutes after dusk.

ECO mode provides even greater energy savings by switching lights off for a period of the night when they are least likely to be needed. In ECO mode, the HSC110SS will turn on for 50% of the night, then turn off for up to 35% of the night and back on again until dawn. This means that lights will be on when leaving or returning home at the beginning of the evening and the dark hours of the morning, but switched off to conserve power during the dead of night. This mode can be set with a single switch and automatically adjusts to the seasons.

Real Time mode allows the selection of a desired turn OFF time for the power every night. In Real Time mode, the lights will turn ON at dusk and will turn OFF consistently at the same time every night.

It is easy to set each mode of operation using the 8 internal DIP switches, which are quicker to program than traditional rotary methods. All required parts are supplied, including glands and a DIP switch tool. Helpful information is included on the unit itself to help electrical contractors select and program each mode. If the time setting is set incorrectly the unit will simply default to standard dusk 'til dawn mode.

Tip: The supplied packaging can act as a light cover to confirm that the unit is operating correctly.

Operating Conditions

Operating Voltage: 220 - 240V a.c. 50Hz
Operating Temperature: 0 to +50 degrees Celsius
Certified Standard: CISPR15, AS/NZS 61347.2.11
Ingress Protection: IP66 (when all used and unused entries are sealed)
Maximum Load: 3840W Incandescent and Halogen, 3840VA fluorescent
Minimum Load: 0W
Maximum Current capacity: 16A
Light Levels: ON - 25lux, OFF - 50lux
Turn ON/OFF Delay: 1 minute
Timer Steps: 30 minutes
Delay Timer Range: 30 minutes - 15.5 hours
Note: Not suitable to be driven by DC-AC inverter.

The HSC110SS is to be installed as part of a fixed wire electrical installation. By law such installations must be made by an electrical contractor or similarly qualified person. For installation instructions, important electrical safety warnings and further information, refer to the User Manual (See Additional Information).

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