Testing and Certification
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Testing & Certification

We provide a range of accredited calibration, maintenance and repair services 

Commitment to the Highest Standards

Our level of quality in product development, production, and calibration has been recognised and endorsed by major customers throughout Australia, Europe, the USA and across the Asia Pacific region.

Our in-house and NATA accredited test labs allow us to both develop and assure the ongoing quality of our entire product range, and provide a range of accredited calibration, maintenance and repair services .

Our NATA Accredited Laboratory 

Our NATA accredited laboratory conducts the following testing services:

  • Heat cycle testing (MAX 4000A AC) 
  • Mechanical and Tensile testing (5kN - 500kN) 

Our Specialised Laboratories

Our specialised laboratories have the capability to conduct a wide range of testing, including:

  • Electrical measurement tool accuracy testing 
  • High Voltage (Hipot) testing (Max. 50kV AC, 200mA) 
  • AC & DC insulation resistance testing 
  • Loop tensile force testing 
  • QA batch sampling testing and static analysis 
  • Stress testing for electronic components and their sub-assemblies 
  • Water penetration testing 
  • Product quality investigations 
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