AFL Tipping Competition

NRL Tipping Competition

How to Play

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Competition Rules


Points awarded for a Correctly Tipped win: 1

Participants cannot select a draw as a possible outcome. A draw is treated as a win for all participants regardless of which team they selected or were allocated by the competition's default tips.


Tipping is closed on a Game by Game basis 10 minutes before each game.

Default Tips For Non Tippers: Away Teams with a default predicted winning margin of 49.
Default Tips For Late Entrants (for the rounds they missed): Average Score in Round.


This competition is free to enter.

Creating a Tipping Group

A Group allows you to set up your own group of tippers within the main competition. Then members of your group can not only see how they rank in the overall competition, but also how they rank just within your group. To set up a group, click on “Groups” and select “Create a new group”. You will need to specify a password for group members, a password for you the administrator and also (optionally) check the box at the bottom that will join you to the group. Having set up the group, you will need to give the password to people whom you would like to join your group.


Please note: You must be involved in the Electrical Industry in order to be eligible to win a prize. For further details, check the competition Terms & Conditions.

Weekly Prizes

Weekly Prize - $100.00 eGift Card

The weekly prize is awarded to the competitor(s) with the most number of correct tips whose predicted tie-breaker is most accurate. A prize is awarded every week. If more than one tipper qualifies then the weekly prize will be awarded to the competitor who completed their tips on the earliest occasion. If a tipper does not enter all tips for a round then they cannot qualify for the weekly prize.

End of Season Prizes

Grand Prize - $2,000


In the event of a tie for any prize, the entrant with the lowest accumulated margin difference will be the winner.
Each round the variance of each entrant's margin prediction from the actual margin will be calculated. The accumulated total of this variance will be used in the tie-breaker calculation

Terms & Conditions

Check the registration page or click the links below for specific terms and conditions for each competition.

Permit Numbers: ACT TP 24/00087 & TP 24/00104.

2023 Prize Winners

Congratulations to last year's top tippers! View our Grand Prize and Weekly Prize winners for the 2023 competitions below.

NRL Grand Prize Winner

Jennifer Flack

AFL Grand Prize Winner

Kirsty Hill

NRL Competition Weekly Winners

Round 1: Julie Geary

Round 2: Erin Gray

Round 3: Peter Jago

Round 4: Karl Gordan

Round 5: Jordan Aguilar

Round 6: Jason Landwehr

Round 7: Leon Braganza

Round 8: Matthew Lamb

Round 9: Dusty Clem

Round 10: Erin Gray

Round 11: Chad Wilson

Round 12: Dusty Barnes

Round 13: Brad Thomasson

Round 14: Belinda Vrancic

Round 15: James Starr

Round 16: Matt Imms

Round 17: Kean Ooi

Round 18: Becky Stower

Round 19: Abby Omara

Round 20: Wayne Goldspink

Round 21: David Clish

Round 22: Michael McKellar

Round 23: Paddy Taylor

Round 24: David Wardlaw

Round 25: John Veitch

Round 26: Dean Hussey

Round 27: Brett Little

AFL Competition Weekly Winners

Round 1: Steve Marchetti

Round 2: Mark Elliot

Round 3: Simon Schembri

Round 4: Daniel Gismondi

Round 5: Dylan Jones

Round 6: Geoff Ryles

Round 7: Lincoln Martin

Round 8: Brad McCarthy

Round 9: Brent Bevis

Round 10: Ryan O'Keefe

Round 11: Maurizio Reppucci

Round 12: Brett Little

Round 13: Jeff Summers

Round 14: Kirsty Hill

Round 15: Chris Rouse

Round 16: Cal Sweeney

Round 17: Joel Perkins

Round 18: Scott Budden

Round 19: Kirsty Hill

Round 20: Tim Hodgkin

Round 21: Paul Jones

Round 22: Jonathan Smith

Round 23: Gareth Faulkner

Round 24: Kirsty Hill


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