Illuminating Safety: Unveiling the Brilliance of Bardic Essentials Emergency Lighting
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Bardic Essentials DownlightBardic Essentials Downlight
Dec 2023 4 min read

Illuminating Safety: Unveiling the Brilliance of Bardic Essentials Emergency Lighting

In the pursuit of safety, every detail matters. Emergency lighting is a critical component of any safety plan, ensuring that spaces remain illuminated in times of crisis. The Bardic Essentials Recessed Emergency Luminaire (SATLIG2), available at CABAC, emerges as a beacon of reliability, integrating advanced features to deliver discrete yet outstanding emergency illumination.  

LiFePO4 Battery Technology: Powering the Future of Emergency Lighting 

At the heart of the Bardic Essentials SATLIG2 is the LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery. This advanced battery technology, including an integrated Battery Management System (BMS), maximizes battery life, ensuring that the emergency lighting is always ready when needed. The LiFePO4 battery not only offers longevity but also provides a sustainable and efficient power source, aligning with modern energy conservation principles. 

Superior Photometric Classification (D63): Brightness Where It Counts 

The BARDIC Essentials SATLIG2 boasts a superior photometric classification of D63, ensuring exceptional brightness and coverage. This classification signifies that the emergency lighting system delivers powerful illumination, meeting high industry standards. In emergency situations, having a bright and well-lit environment is crucial for safe evacuation, and the Bardic Essentials SATLIG2 excels in this aspect. 

Optical Lens Options: Customized Illumination for Varied Spaces 

Versatility is a key feature of the Bardic Essentials SATLIG2. The system is supplied with two optical lens options tailored for specific environments. The Open Area lens provides 330 Lumens of illumination, catering to expansive spaces, while the Corridor lens offers 276 Lumens, ensuring effective lighting in more confined areas. This adaptability makes the Bardic Essentials SATLIG2 suitable for diverse settings, from open office areas to narrow corridors. 

Two-Piece Disc Design: Flexibility in Installation 

The 2-piece disc design of the Bardic Essentials SATLIG2 adds a layer of flexibility to installation. Featuring both a large disc (144mm) and a small disc (95mm), the system adapts to different spatial requirements. This versatile design allows for seamless integration into a variety of settings, ensuring that safety doesn't compromise the aesthetics of the space. 

Compliance with Standards: Designing with Safety in Mind  

The Bardic Essentials Emergency Lighting range is meticulously designed and manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 2293 standards. This commitment to compliance ensures that the lighting system meets and exceeds the regulatory requirements for emergency lighting, providing users with the confidence that their safety is in capable hands. 
The Bardic Essentials SATLIG2, with its LiFePO4 battery technology, superior photometric classification, optical lens options, and adherence to industry standards, stands as a testament to CABAC's dedication to safety and innovation. In choosing Bardic lights, you're not just investing in emergency illumination; you're investing in a reliable, efficient, and versatile solution that prioritises the well-being of those it serves. Illuminate your spaces with confidence, knowing that the Bardic Essentials SATLIG2 has your safety covered. 

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