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    12 Month WarrantyDomestic Lighting

    S-Click Ripple Signal Filter 1050Hz

    Electricity suppliers for certain geographical areas of New South Wales and Queensland inject an off-peak ripple control signal onto their distribution networks in order to remotely control devices such as hot water systems. Ripple injection control systems allow for access to cheaper off-peak electricity, but can have an unfortunate effect on electrical appliances that are sensitive to the superimposed control signal.

    Our HNS030RF ripple signal filter is a simple and easy-to-install solution to this problem, preventing the unwelcome effects of ripple signal events such as flickering LED lights or loud, buzzing fans. The ripple signal filter is a tuned passive inline filter which eliminates the superimposed ripple injection control signal from the normal mains supply to create a noise free filtered mains supply which can then be connected to the electrical appliances or light control systems. The device is designed to fit through a downlight hole and is compatible with LED, Halogen, CFL and Incandescent lamps.

    With models available for 750Hz and 1050Hz frequency, we can supply an option to suit most affected areas.

    Technical Specifications


    Selecting a Ripple Signal Filter Frequency

    The HNS030RF-1050 ripple signal filter is specifically tuned to eliminate ripple control signal frequency of 1050Hz.

    Use the HNS030RF-1050 for areas of Southern Queensland (Energex) that inject a 1050Hz off-peak ripple control signal. The rest of Queensland (Ergon) does not have ripple signalling. The HNS030RF-1050 is also suitable for areas of Newcastle, Dee Why and NSW Central Coast.

    If in doubt about the ripple control signal for a particular area, always check with the service provider for confirmation before selecting a filter device.

    Note: Our Ripple Signal Filters are not suitable for areas that use a ripple control signal of 492Hz, such as St George and some areas of Muswellbrook.

    Operating Conditions

    Supply Voltage: 230-240Va.c. 50Hz
    Output Voltage: Filtered 230-240Va.c. 50Hz
    Power Rating: 250W
    Frequency: 1050Hz
    Attenuation: -30dB Nominal
    Operating Temperature: -10 to +50 degrees Celsius
    Compliance Standard: AS/NZS 3100
    Ingress Protection: IP20
    Note: Operation at temperature, voltage or load outside of the specifications may cause permanent damage to the unit.

    The HNS030RF is to be installed as part of a fixed wire electrical installation. By law such installations must be made by an electrical contractor or similarly qualified person. For further information and important safety warnings, refer to the product datasheet (see Additional Information).