Piller Box Locking Bolt

Item Number: PBLB
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Bolt to deter unauthorised entry and lock
  • Stanless steel bolt with hole for padlock
  • Fits into pillar base to fasten lid
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Product Information

Product Description

Pillar Box Locking Bolt

There are two bolt styles available for use with a pillar box; the allen head bolt and the 'D' bolt style used to deter unauthorised entry. The bolts are made from stainless steel with options of washers and o-rings.

The 'D' bolts require a special tube spanner which has a long handle to clear the top of the pillar box, so that the bolts can be tightened or loosened without the risk of the spanner fouling the pillar box. A handy cordless drill socket drive is available for 'D' bolts. This speeds up cover removal and replacement (Part No. D-SOCKET).

An innovative locking bolt (Part No. PBLB) is made to order to prevent unauthorised entry using a padlock.

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