6 Fuse Panel Assembly

Item Number: 6F-MPM-AS-SQ
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
Thermoplastic panel with tapered edges to engage slots in the pillar base
A range of popular panel assemblies available with fuse holders
Includes earth neutral bar. Fuse holder fo 22x57mm fuses BS1361
Suitable for pillars with long lids
Fits long lids only PBL & PBHCV
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6 Fuse Panel Assembly

The CABAC Fuse Panel design has tapered corners that fit into slots on the base to keep the panels secure and are compatible with existing installations. Common panels are injection moulded from Electrical grade thermoplastic material and less common ones are made from resin impregnated fibre board, switch grade board.

Fuse panel assemblies are available for up to 6 fuses.

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