Heatshrink Tape 20mm wide 50m Roll

Item Number: HST20
Packaging Unit: 1 / Roll
  • A thin irradiated polyolefin tape that shrinks and amalgamates, forming a ridged waterproof seal on complex shapes
  • Repairs damaged cables and forms T-joints and junctions
  • Low water absorption
  • Excellent chemical resistance
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Product Information

Product Description

Heatshrink tape is a thin irradiated polyolefin tape that shrinks and amalgamates, forming a ridged seal on complex shapes. It is ideal for sealing complex shapes and the repair of damaged cables, forming T-joints and junctions.

To apply HST20, wind the tape loosely with about a two-thirds overlap, three layers at a time. After every three layers shrink the tape and then apply another three layers. Repeat this process until the desired insulation thickness is reached. The tape amalgamates during the shrinkage process.

Heatshrink Tape Features

- High mechanical strength and rigid once shrunk
- Low water absorption
- Excellent chemical resistance
- Irradiated polyolefin which shrinks and amalgamates above 130 deg C
- Becomes continuous insulation with variable wall thickness
- Excellent for creating a waterproof seal

Technical Data

Material: Irradiated polyolefin
Colour: Black
Size: 20mm x 50m Roll (approx. thickness 0.1mm)
Temperature: Storage up to 90 degrees Celsius / Operating -55 to +105 degrees Celsius
Shrinkage temperature: Above 130 degrees Celsius
Tensile strength: 0.5 kg/mm2
Elongation at breaking point: 250%
Breakdown voltage: 30 kV/mm thickness
Volume resistivity: Above 1 x 1015ohm cm
Water absorption: 0.1%
UV resistance: General UV stabilised

Conformant Standards:

Tape Width (mm): 20
Tape Thickness (mm): 0.1
Length (M): 50
Sun Resistant: Yes
VDE Compliant: No
Minimum Temperature (degree celcius): -55
Maximum Temperature (degree celcius): 105
Tape Type: Sealing and Insulation
Application: Sealing, Waterproofing
Tape Colour: Black
Tape Material: Irradiated polyolefin
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