Let CABAC protect you with OBO Bettermann Surge Protection Devices

CABAC are the exclusive supplier of the OBO Bettermann range in Australia. OBO Bettermann products are widely used across the electrical and building industry. OBO Bettermann was founded in Germany in 1911 and has been an innovator in the area of surge protection since 1972. Today, OBO’s range of SPDs are fully certified for global and Australian requirements and supported by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

A POWER SURGE: The Invisible Intruder

We are all aware of the risks of lightning storms, which can cause a voltage spike that damages your electrical equipment. But are you aware that most electrical surge damage is caused by an event other than lightning? Other typical causes for a power surge include;

  • Faulty Wiring
  • Damaged power lines
  • Appliances being turned on and off
  • Surges can even come from neighbouring Properties

THE SOLUTION: OBO Bettermann Surge Protection Devices

The new range of OBO surge protectors are specifically designed to combat surge voltages;

  • OBO incorporate new technology to ensure the safest methods of protection
  • If your SPD isn’t Type 1 tested, it has not been tested against lightning surges
  • Fully compliant to use in Australia
  • Pluggable devices – allowing for fast installation

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