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Data TesterData Tester
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Ideal for contractors seeking a cost-effective solution for testing data and coaxial cables, this budget-friendly LAN cable tester ensures correct termination without complications. The DATATESTER offers both auto and manual modes to test that network cables are free from short circuits, crossovers, or open circuits that could disrupt client operations. 

Quickly and effortlessly assess network cabling and patch cords with the latest DATATESTER from CABAC

Incorporating essential tests such as cable continuity into a quality installation is crucial for peace of mind. The DATATESTER, a recent addition to our comprehensive test & measurement range, efficiently accomplishes this task without straining your budget. 

Experience the simplicity of testing with the push of a button. The DATATESTER's Auto Test Mode allows for a quick check of correct termination for cables such as RJ45, RJ12, RJ11, and BNC. Alternatively, in manual mode, each connection can be individually tested based on user preference. The clear LED display of pin configurations makes it straightforward to verify the quality of your installation. 

Included in the package is a remote test unit designed for LAN cabling, facilitating continuity checks along the entire run with ease. As a bonus feature, the DATATESTER doubles as a USB cable continuity tester, ensuring proper functionality and aiding in the troubleshooting of potentially faulty USB cables. 

When simplicity and efficiency are paramount, the DATATESTER by CABAC is your go-to solution for quick and reliable testing. 

Introducing the New CABAC Cable Tester For LAN, USB, RJ12, RJ11 and BNC Coaxial

The DATATESTER is an easy-to-use data channel and coax testing device perfect for the data installer’s everyday use. With the simple press of a button, auto mode checks correct termination of cables such as RJ45, RJ12, RJ11, USB and BNC. 

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LAN Cable TesterLAN Cable Tester

Cable Tester For LAN, USB, RJ12, RJ11 and BNC Coaxial

  • Clear LED display of PIN configurations
  • Tests RJ45, RJ12, RJ11, USB and BNC Coaxial
  • Has both Auto and Manual mode
  • Single push button in Auto test mode
  • Remote test unit included
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