How Adaptaflex PA Series Conduit Keeps Cockatoos and Corellas at Bay
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Adaptaflex PA Series ConduitAdaptaflex PA Series Conduit
Oct 2023 4 min read

How Adaptaflex PA Series Conduit Keeps Cockatoos and Corellas at Bay


In the Australian outback, where telecommunications and power infrastructure are crucial, an unexpected challenge emerged – birds, particularly Cockatoos, Corellas, and Galahs, were causing damage to RF feeders and connector weatherproofing. Telstra, Australia's largest provider of telephone and internet services, faced this issue in Western Queensland and New South Wales. The damage posed a threat to essential services, especially in remote areas.  

The Impact of Bird Damage 

Damage caused by these birds puts essential services at risk, particularly in emergency situations. Remote areas, where RF feeders are often located, pose additional challenges due to the logistical difficulties of maintenance. Telstra recognised the need for a reliable solution to protect their infrastructure from bird interference. 

The Unlikely Hero: Adaptaflex PA Series Conduit 

Contrary to expectations, the solution to this issue did not lie in strength or robustness alone. Adaptaflex's PA series conduit offered a surprising advantage - it is slippery. This inherent slipperiness makes it nearly impossible for birds to gain enough grip to cause damage. It's a simple yet effective solution in deterring birds.  

But that's not all; the PA series conduit provides several other advantages; 

Flame Retardant Properties: Withstanding temperatures of up to 120°C, the PA series conduit ensures protection against the scorching Australian heat. This fire resistance not only safeguards the conduit itself but also reduces the risk of bushfires caused by electrical faults. 

Abrasion Resistance: In the harsh Australian outback, abrasive elements are a constant threat. PA series conduit is built to withstand abrasion, ensuring its durability and longevity. 

High Impact Strength: The conduit's high impact strength makes it capable of withstanding the rigors of installation and potential physical stress. 

UV Resistance: The harsh Australian sun can take a toll on materials exposed to it. PA series conduit's UV resistance ensures that it remains in optimal condition even under prolonged sun exposure. 


Adaptaflex's PA series conduit has emerged as a reliable bird-proofing solution in the remote Australian outback. Telstra's experience serves as a testament to the effectiveness of this product solution.  

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