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    12 Month WarrantyOverhead Line System

    Product Description

    All aluminium joints, both bolted and crimped should have jointing compound applied to the joint, where it is not pre-loaded in the barrel of the lug or link. There are three grades of aluminium compound available supplied in handy plastic squeeze tubes to facilitate application. All of the compounds stay stable at high temperatures, and do not run out of the joint.

    EJCG125 grey jointing compound is recommended for crimped aluminium connections. It is made from a mineral oil based grease with suspended zinc particles (30%) and fumed silica (10%). The grease acts as a corrosion inhibitor and the zinc and silica particles act as a surface breaking current bridge in the joint. The compound should be applied after scratch brushing both aluminium mating surfaces to remove any oxide.

    Please Note: Jointing compounds are made from a non-conductive oil base with suspended particles to suit a particular application. Each compound has specific properties and should only be used as prescribed by the manufacturer for its specific application. If in doubt about the application of a compound, please contact us for assistance.

    Technical Specifications


    Technical Data

    Base Oil: 60% Mineral Oil
    Service Temp: -40 to +150 degrees Celsius
    Dropping Point: 260 degrees Celsius
    Thickener: 10% Fumed Silica
    Filler: 30% Zinc Dust

    Packing: 125g dispenser tube
    Use: General purpose aluminium crimps