240mm2 - 4 Core Sector Rotating Lug

Item Number: ARL240-12
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
Patented design developed for use on 240mm2 Aluminium 4 core sector cable - palm positions easily - no need to twist the cable
Suitable for 4 core, solid sector cable
Used with standard A/F 28.4 hex crimp die (Part No. HT-240/300AL)
Position palm to suit installation before crimping
Only 3 crimps required to complete the connection
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Product Information

Product Description

4 Core Sector Shaped Rotating Barell Lug

The CABAC rotating lug was specifically developed for use on 240mm2 Aluminium four core sector cable. The palm can easily be positioned to the termination point and crimped so that there is no need to twist the cable.

Note: this lug is for sector cable only.

4 Core Sector Shaped Rotating Barell Lug Features
 Suits both solid and stranded sector cable
 Barrel cavity is sector shaped
 Eliminates the need to twist the cable to position the palm of the lug
 The palm is correctly positioned before crimping
 Uses a standard A/F 28.4 hex crimp die (HT-240/300AL)
 The barrel is marked for the correct crimp positions
 Only three crimps to complete the connection
 Made of high conductivity, cold forged Aluminium
 The rotating barrel is fixed to the palm section, so no loose parts
 Ideal for terminations for URD, transformer, switchgear, etc.
 Saves time and effort
 Easy to position palm correctly for termination
 One part; cannot loose parts
 Saves on installation costs
 AUS Patent No: AUS-2008258184 NZ Patent No: NZ-573715

Standards and Compliance

AS/NZS4325 Part 1; IEC France; DIN/VDE Germany; JIS Japan; BS United Kingdom; UL/NEMA USA

Technical Information

Nominal Conductor (mm2): 240
Stud Size: 12

Conductive Material
Aluminium 99.6% pure
Tensile Strength 110 MPa
Ductile Rating 28%
Final Metal State Fully Annealed

Electrical Properties
Resistivity 2.6 micro-ohm cm (max)
Conductivity 61.8% IACS (min)

Operating Temperature
-20 to +140 deg C

Stud Size (mm): 12
Cable Size (mm2): 240
Lugs and Links - Material: Aluminium
Lug Type: Standard
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