Cast Resin Joint 6-18mm OD

Item Number: GTA0
Packaging Unit: 1 / Kit
  • Ideal for single & multi-core telephone, signal and low voltage power cables up to 1kV
  • Compact water tight design with high electrical insulating values
  • Storage up to 3 years at max temp 35 Deg. Celcius
  • Complies with VDE Standards
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Product Information

Product Description

Cast Resin Straight Through Cable Joint 6-18mm OD

Cabac cast resin straight through cable joints are ideal for single or multi-core telephone, signal and power cables with up to 1kV rating.

The joints can be used where cables are buried directly in the ground, on cable trays, on rail installations, water submerged (up to 1m depth), or being repaired.

The cast resin is a special unfilled polyurethane that has good adhesive strength to all cable materials. Soft elastic properties ensure equalisation of mechanical stresses caused by different thermal expansion of cable materials. The cast resin has definite advantages over rigid epoxy resin which may be liable to stress cracking.


• Easy visual check before and during pouring of cast resin
• Pouring spouts to ensure void-free resin fill
• Snap lock and pre-shaped cut-offs to allow quick sealing of mould around the cable
• Complies with VDE standards
• Shelf Life of 3 years at a maximum temperature of 35°C

Technical Notes:

- Cold Temperature: Resins do not cure rapidly in temperatures below 20°C. Either raise the ambient temperature or warm the joint, cable and connectors.

- Curing Time: One hour to cure before energising and 24 hours to fully cure. To be protected from water and elements it needs to be fully cured

Cable Accessories Technology: Resin
Cable Accessories Type: Straight Joint
Armoured: No
Min Cable Size (mm2): 1.5
Max Cable Size (mm2): 6
Voltage Rating (kV): 1
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