Heatshrink Thick Wall Glue L 180-50 1.5M

Item Number: STDW180/50PA
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Cross-linked Polyolefin heatshrink tube used primarily for waterproof jointing and sealing cable terminations
  • UV resistant operating temp. -55 to +135 Deg. Celsius
  • Resistant to common fluids, solvents and abrasion
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Product Information

Product Description

Thickwall Glue Lined Heatshrink 180-50MM x 1.5M

STDW Heatshrink, has a much thicker wall than SMDW, and is used in cable joints, repairs and terminations in critical areas. The basic logic in cable repairs and jointing is that one should replace the original thickness of insulation. The 'recovered' thickness is the free shrink maximum thickness, which gives a guide to the wall thickness after shrink.

Thickwall Glue Lined Heatshrink Features
• Voltage rating: 0.6/1kV (Low Voltage)
• High shrink ratio of 4:1, one piece of shrink covers a huge range
• Wall thickness is more than SMDW giving much better insulating and protection properties
• Rigidity is much greater than SMDW tubing, with a higher overall abrasion and impact strength
• Polyamide adhesive is hand applied, and sticks very well to most surfaces. There is also more adhesive in this tube than in SMDW so the overall sealing capabilities are much better.


For waterproof applications the preparation of the cable jacket is critical to ensure good adhesion of glue. Ensure the jacket is free of grease and roughened with emery paper.

Tubing should be shrunk with a large heat gun or a soft yellow gas flame. Shrinkage should be done from the centre out, moving the heat source continually to ensure no localised overheating. The polyamide glue should extrude from both ends once the shrinkage is complete.

Note: A common cause of joint failures is not heating the heatshrink all around the joint. If you are in a trench for example, and heat only the top half of the joint, the heatshrink only shrinks on the top, and the meltable glue sealant does not melt and seal on the rear of the joint. It is essential to heat ALL AROUND the joint in particular the rear, by using a heat deflector.

Technical Data
Conformant Standards: IEC: VDE ASTM
Material: Cross-linked Polyolefin
Continuous Operating Temp: -55°C to 110°C IEC216
Shrinkage Temp: 130°C IEC216
Tensile Strength: > 12 N/mm² ASTMD638
Elongation: > 400% ASTMD638
Longitudinal Shrinkage: < 10% ASTMD2671
Dielectric Strength: > 15 KV/mm ASTMD149
Volume Resistivity: > 1 x 1012 ohm cm ASTMD257
Flammability: Not self extinguishing ASTMD867
Thermal Shock: No damage ASTMD2671-746

Heatshrink Type: Thick Wall Tube
Pre-Shrink Diameter (mm): 180
After-Shrink Diameter (mm): 50
Heatshrink Tube Length (M): 1.5
Recovered Wall Thickness (mm): 4.3
Glue Lined: No
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