Glove 3 Way 110-50mm/46-19mm

Item Number: KEV340
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Quick and simple installation to seal and waterproof a termination
  • High resistance to tearing and high tensile strength
  • Resistant to UV, decay, chemicals and corrosion
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Product Information

KEV Heatshrink Boot/Glove 3 Way 110-50MM/46-19MM

KEV Heatshrink Gloves (boots) are used to seal and waterproof cable terminations, by sealing the insulated conductors to the cable jacket. They have a hot melt glue liner that melts while the glove is shrinking and creates a strong bond between the glove and the cable.

• Quick and simple installation to seal and waterproof a termination.
• High resistance to tearing and high tensile strength.
• Resistant to UV, decay, chemicals and corrosion.

To install the glove, ensure that the insulation of the cable and conductor are clean and grease-free, and roughen with emery paper for a good glue bond. Shrink the glove from the middle out with a heat gun or soft yellow gas flame until adhesive extrudes. Avoid local overheating during the shrinkage process.

Technical Data:
Conformant Standards: ASTM & IEC
Material: Modified cross-linked polyolefin
Continuous Operating Temp: -40°C to +110°C
Min. Full Recovery Temp: 120°C
Tensile Strength: 14 MPa
Ultimate Elongation: 600%        
Dielectric strength: 17 kV/mm
Volume Resistance: 3.0 x 1014 Ω.cm
Water Absorption: 0.3%
Flammability: Do not use in flame prone areas

Line drawings available. See Technical Data.

Heatshrink Colour: Black
Heatshrink Type: 3-Way Breakout Boot
Pre-Shrink Diameter (mm): 110
After-Shrink Diameter (mm): 50
Heatshrink Tube Length (M): 0.2
Recovered Wall Thickness (mm): 3.8
Glue Lined: Yes
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