Item Number: DC-SEG50-80
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
Resistant to oils, fats, aggressive chemicals, frost, heat, UV, ozone, salt, moisture, acids and nuclear radiation
Resistant to short-circuit currents/forces up to 150kA
Very simple installation
Can be stacked on each other
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Product Information

Product Description

SEG Cable Clamp Type 50-80

Dutchclamp® SEG cable clamps are specially designed for short-circuit resistant fastening ofsingle or multicore medium and high voltage cables. SEG TYPES are available in 2 models and suitable for cables with a diameter from 26 mm to 50 mm (SEG 26-50) and 50 mm to 80 mm
(SEG 50-80).
Dutchclamp® SEG cable clamps are unique in their kind. The surfaces wherein the cables come to lie ensure perfect pressure distribution and maximum grip on the cables without sharp edges. In this way, there is no point load on the cables and the cables are not damaged.
SEG cable clamps are stackable and may also be fastened by means of the extra centre hole.

SEG Cable Clamp Features
• Resistant to oils, fats, aggressive chemicals, frost, heat, UV, ozone,
salt, moisture, acids, and nuclear radiation
• Stackable
• Provided with an extra centre hole for mounting with 1 bolt
• Self-extinguishing V-0 (UL94), Halogen free
• Temperature range from -40°C to 120°C (225°C momentarily)
• No magnetism/conductivity
• Custom mounting available and very simple installation
• Fastening materials can be supplied to size
• No oxidation, corrosion or sharp angles
• Recyclable
• Lifetime of Product Warranty
• Certified in accordance with NEN-EN-IEC 61914:2009

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