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Let CABAC protect you with OBO Bettermann Surge Protection Devices

The Invisible Intruder

We are all aware of the risks of lightning storms, which can cause a voltage spike that damages your electrical equipment. But are you aware that most electrical surge damage is caused by an event other than lightning?
Other typical causes for a power surge include;

  • Faulty Wiring
  • Damaged power lines
  • Appliances being turned on and off
  • Surges can even come from neighbouring Properties

OBO Bettermann Surge Protection Devices

The new range of OBO surge protectors are specifically designed to combat surge voltages

  • OBO incorporate new technology to ensure the safest methods of protection
  • If your SPD isn’t Type 1 tested, it has not been tested against lightning surges
  • Fully compliant to use in Australia
  • Pluggable devices – allowing for fast installation

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