Electrical Tape Tips

Electrical Tape Tips
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Electrical Tape Tips

  1. The most important tape tip is to stretch the tape when you apply so that the tape will maintain radial tension and so that it conforms to the shape of the object being taped.
  2. Overlap approximately 30% of the width of the tape.
  3. It is much better to cut tape rather than tear it.
  4. When wrapping a product with sharp edges first apply a rubber or mastic tape to mask the sharp edges BEFORE you finish with electrical tape.
  5. In cold environments make sure you use a tape with the appropriate specification i.e. CABAC 2710 or MEGA 43+.
  6. In very hot environments over 80°C do not use electrical tape, use a special purpose tape.
  7. Never cover electrical tape with any kind of insulation if the application is expected to heat over 70°C as this can create a fire hazard.
  8. Tapes have a shelf life. Dispose of tapes over 5 years old.

CABAC Professional Tapes

CABAC has been developing electrical tapes for over 25 years. The CABAC Professional range is the very best yet and is suitable for low and medium voltage electrical insulation applications.

  • CABAC Professional CABPRO Electrical tapes are all certified to standard.
  • CABAC Professional CABPRO 2710, Mega 43+ and Mega 45+ are certified by UL and CSA.
  • CABAC Professional CABPRO 2610 is certified by VDE.
  • CABAC also offers a wide range of tapes for other special purposes.
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