Available Now: Double Lock and Self-Cutting Cable Ties

Available Now: Double Lock and Self-Cutting Cable Ties
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Available now at your Local Electrical Wholesaler: Double Lock and Self-Cutting Cable Ties

CABAC are excited to introduce two NEW and INNOVATIVE products to our trusted cable management range: Double Lock Cable Ties and Self Cutting Cable Ties. Our new Double Lock and Self-Cutting ranges cater for tradies looking for a reliable, high-quality cable tie that saves them time and money. 

NEW Double Lock Cable Ties

Use Double Lock cable ties when quality and extra tensile strength is needed for the job.

First to market, these nylon 6/6 cable ties are 50% stronger than UL standard 22kg tensile strength cable ties thanks to the patented ‘Double Lock’ design which features locking teeth on both sides of the tie and at the head, ensuring a stronger connection.

With a tensile strength of 34kg, you can save time and money by using less cable ties to secure heavy objects or heavy wiring bundling requirements compared to using standard cable ties that have a tensile strength of 22kg.

NEW Self-Cutting Cable Ties

Tools Down! Introducing the most convenient cable tie ever made

Save time and frustration with these nylon 6/6 cable ties that feature an inbuilt cutting blade that quickly and effortlessly removes the tail of the cable tie without the need for any tools – simply lock and twist to finish the job. This innovation improves efficiency as well as safety for the end user as it provides a clean, flush cut every time, eliminating any sharp edges. If your job requires a highly professional finish, our new self-cutting cable ties are the perfect solution. 

CABAC Double Lock and Self-Cutting Cable Ties are available now at an Electrical Wholesaler near you.

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