Cabac Cable Preparation Tools: Ensuring Precise and Secure Electrical Installations
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Sep 2023 5 min read

Cabac Cable Preparation Tools: Ensuring Precise and Secure Electrical Installations

Effective cable preparation is a critical step in ensuring safe and secure electrical installations. Accurate cutting and stripping of cables are essential for maintaining the integrity and reliability of electrical systems. Cabac, a trusted name in the field, offers a comprehensive range of high-quality cable preparation tools designed to deliver precise and consistent performance. 

Reliable Cable Preparation

When it comes to electrical installations, proper cable preparation is non-negotiable. A poorly cut or stripped cable can lead to unreliable connections, increased risk of short circuits, and potential safety hazards. Cabac understands the importance of meticulous cable preparation, and their tools are engineered to provide reliable and consistent results.

Cabac's cable preparation tools are designed with precision and durability in mind, ensuring that each cut and strip is clean and accurate. The tools are built to withstand the rigors of professional use, providing electricians and technicians with the confidence they need to perform their tasks efficiently. 

Exploring Cabac's High-Quality Cable Preparation Tools 

Cabac offers a broad selection of cable preparation tools that cater to various applications. Let's take a closer look at some of Cabac's popular offerings: 

Cable Cutters

K40 Cable Cutter General Purpose Up To 70mm²: This cable cutter is designed for cutting copper and aluminum conductors up to 70mm². Its parrot beak style blades ensure clean and precise cuts without distorting the cables. The tool features a durable construction with SCM440 body material and black oxide surface treatment for enhanced strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. The comfortable PVC grip cover provides a secure and fatigue-reducing grip during operation.

K683/T Ratchet Cable Cutter up to 300mm²: This compact cutter is designed for annealed copper and aluminum conductors up to 300mm² (maximum 32mm outside diameter). Its small size enables cutting in tight spots, and the ratchet mechanism reduces hand effort, making it an efficient tool for demanding applications.

Cable Knives

KUS1000 Cable Knife Sheath Stripper – Heavy Duty 1000V VDE: Designed to strip large diameter cables, this cable knife features a shoe-type blade tip that prevents inner conductor damage. Its fully insulated handle provides protection up to 1000V, making it suitable for ground and multi-sheathed cable.

Electrical Wire End Strippers

KUS1 Cable End Stripper 0.2-6.0mm²: This self-adjusting ergonomic pistol design cable stripper is suitable for conductors ranging from 0.2mm² to 6.0mm². It ensures precise stripping without damaging conductors or leaving "witness marks" on insulation. The integrated side cutter can handle wires up to 2mm in diameter.

KUSOLAR Solar Cable Stripper 1.5-6mm²: Specifically designed for solar engineering applications, this cable stripper offers precise adjustment and an optical length scale, allowing for the stripping of round cables ranging from 1.5mm² to 6.0mm². The tool's hardened blades can easily remove multi-level rubberized insulations, and an integrated side cutter handles cables up to 3mm in diameter.

Swivel Blade Strippers

KAM1 Swivel Blade Stripper 8-28mm OD: This cable stripper is ideal for accurately, quickly, and safely stripping common round cables with diameters between 8mm and 28mm. The blade's cutting depth can be regulated infinitely, preventing damage to the inner conductor. The self-rotating blade allows for automatic conversion from circular to longitudinal cutting.

Data Cable Strippers

42110DST-1 UTP Stripper & Punch Down Tool 110 Only: This economy UTP strip and punch down tool is designed for 110 punch down connections. It offers a low-cost, disposable solution for data cable preparation.

Cabac's commitment to providing high-quality cable preparation tools ensures that professionals have the tools they need to execute precise and secure electrical installations. Whether it's cable cutters, cable knives, electrical wire end strippers, swivel blade strippers, or data cable strippers, Cabac offers a comprehensive range of reliable solutions to meet the demands of various applications. Choosing Cabac means choosing accuracy, durability, and safety in cable preparation for secure electrical installations. 

Click here to view our cable preparation tools brochure. 

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