5 Reasons Why Switching to Tripac Corrugated Conduit is a Great Idea
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Tripac Corrugated ConduitTripac Corrugated Conduit
Aug 2023 2 min read

5 Reasons Why Switching to Tripac Corrugated Conduit is a Great Idea

Switching to Tripac for your corrugated conduit makes sense in so many ways. Available exclusively through Cabac, Tripac has all of your corrugated conduit needs covered. Here’s our top reasons why our corrugated conduit should be your first choice. 

1. Meeting Stringent Standards

Tripac Corrugated Conduit goes above and beyond to meet the most stringent industry standards. Our conduit is designed and manufactured to meet the rigorous requirements set forth by the AS/NZS 2053.5:2001 standard. This standard ensures that Tripac's corrugated conduit products comply with the highest quality benchmarks, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the reliability and longevity of your electrical installation.

2. Wide Variety of Corrugated Conduit for Residential & Commercial Applications

Tripac offers a diverse range of corrugated conduit options to cater for your application. Choose from our Heavy Duty Solar Corrugated Conduit, perfect for residential and commercial solar PV installations, or our Medium Duty Grey Corrugated Conduit for above-ground installations. For underground installations, our Heavy Duty Orange Corrugated Conduit provides optimal durability. Lastly, our Medium Duty White Corrugated Conduit is designed specifically for telecommunications and data cable installations.

3. Lead and Mercury Free

Safety and sustainability are paramount to Tripac. We take pride in producing corrugated conduit that is free from harmful substances such as lead and mercury. By choosing Tripac, you prioritise the well-being of your installations and the environment.

4. BEP Certification and Green Star

Tripac Corrugated Conduit proudly carries BEP certification, which is closely tied to Green Star Certification. This certification recognises environmentally sustainable building practices. When you choose Tripac, you contribute to the overall sustainability of your projects and enhance their green credentials.

5. Corrugated Conduit Metre Mark

We understand the importance of convenience during your installation process. That's why we have incorporated a practical Corrugated Conduit Metre Mark feature. With clear markings every 1 metre along the conduit, it allows for quick measurements when cutting. This time-saving feature simplifies your installation, making it more efficient and hassle-free.

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