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CABAC designs, manufactures and distributes an extensive range of over 28,000 product lines to the electrical industry engineered and tested to Australian standards.

CABAC promotes its products via a comprehensive national network of electrical wholesale organisations that service; engineering construction, residential, commercial and infrastructure building industries.

Established and preferred for more than 25 years CABAC's products range include the largest range of Australian certified compliant electrical connectors, cable jointing systems, related tools, test and measurement instruments, cable management, structured wiring systems, copper and fibre connectivity, low and medium voltage power connectivity products and ancillaries.

One Call, One Day, One Delivery

CABAC's mission is to deliver excellence in providing trusted products and on time delivery to our business partners from our national network of warehouses supported by the industry's largest team of wholesale support representatives.

Same day dispatch of client orders throughout Australia across our extensive product range has made CABAC the supplier of choice within the Australian electrical industry.

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Cabac has an extensive range of over 8,500 products designed to passively conduct electricity, provide insulation, transfer or manage data, test and measure electricity and data flow and a range of tools for the electrical, power, data communication and telecommunication market. Cabac products are found in many homes, industrial and commercial buildings, schools, computer networks and power distribution networks above and below the ground.

Cabac's product range includes:

Power Products
- Power products including connectors, sleeves, clamps, braids, URDs, pillar boxes, warning marking tapes and tree/stay guards.
- Ritz Do Brazil range of high voltage live line tools, accessories, crane extensions and elevated work platforms.
- Range of high voltage insulated hand tools.
- Overhead fittings.
- Electrical Accessories
- P clips, wall plugs, grommet systems, nylon and rubber plugs and grommets.
- Heat shrink, heat shrink kits, resin joints and tools
- Glands - nylon and metal.
- Cable ties - nylon metal.
- Lugs and links - copper and aluminium.
- Bi metal standard and custom made lugs.
- Copper lugs and terminals.
- Harness accessories and tapes.
- Terminals insulated and non insulated
- Cable identification kits and marking.
- Sleeving and insulated materials.
- Screws and fixings.

Test and Measurement
- Multimeters, clamp current meters, power and harmonic analysers, insulation and appliance testers.
- Thermal imaging cameras and temperature meters.
- Automotive testers.
- High voltage indicators, detectors and test equipment.
- Stud finders, sound meters, earth resistance and gas detectors.
- Network analysers and LAN testers.
- Cable locators, leads and accessories, cases, probes and kits.

- Hand tools including crimpers, cutters, strippers, screwdrivers and bits, pliers, spanners, knives, hammers, tapes and saws.
- Range of high voltage insulated hand tools.
- Electric power tools including battery powered crimpers and cutters, heat guns and soldering irons.
- Hydraulic crimpers, cutters, low pressure heads and hand pumps, hydraulic pump kits both battery and electrical powered.

Fiber Optics
- Fibre optic patch leads.
- Fibre optic pigtails.
- Connectors and couplings.
- Connection accessories.
- Tools and testers.

Active Networking Hardware
- Active networking hardware including network interface cards, switches 10/100 and gigabit, routers, wireless networking devices, wireless aerials, connection cables and adaptors, media converters, print servers, KVM cables, switches, splitters, extenders and converters.
- Network infrastructure hardware including Cat 5e Cat6 cables, patch panels and jacks.

Home Automation and Home Networking
- Nova home networking media systems including metal cabinets, telephone distribution modules, voice and data modules, video splitters, 18 24 port media panels, single and multi channel modulators, distribution splitters and amplifiers and 2.4Ghz wireless transmitters and receivers.

Racks and Cabinets
- Server and Network rack enclosures.
- 19 inch wall mount swing frames and standard mounted enclosures.
- Shelves, trays, panels, fan cooling modules and cage nuts.
- Pack power rails, chimneys and castors.
- Electrical and electronic enclosures.

Telephone Fittings and Accessories
- Telco and Telephone Accessories
- Telco disconnect modules, earth modules, label holders and disconnect plugs.
- Telco arrestor magazines, back mount frames, covers and 19 inch recessed back mount frames.
- Telco MDFs, final distribution point, connection boxes - internal and external.
- Telco test and patch cords, record books and charts.
- Telephone plugs, sockets, adaptors, surface mount boxes and modular wall plates.
- RJ11, 12 and 45 modular crimp plugs.
- Telephone cables, extension leads, reels, dispensers, handset cords and extension bells.
- ADSL2 and ADSL2+ broadband filters, splitters, central filters, wall plates and extension reels.

Television Accessories
- F type connectors, adaptors, joiners and terminators.
- Splitters, distribution splitters, modulators and amplifiers.
- RCA cables, fly leads, DVI cables and adaptors, HDMI and SCART cables.
- Wall plates, fittings and connectors.
- Television accessories.

Power and Protection
- Personal and SOHO line interactive UPS systems from 650 to 1700VA. Need to expand to have product up to 3000VA.
- Domestic and office 240v power extension leads with LED indicator.
- 3 pin 240v to IEC, laptop, clover leaf, Y leads and extender leads.
- Multi-way power boards, combination surge protection and filtered power boards.
- 12 volt to 240 volt inverters.

PC Cables and Peripherals
- Bluetooth adaptors and accessories, MP3 and iPod accessories, USB certified hubs, cables and accessories and data switches.
- Certified external hard disk drive enclosures 2.5, 3.5 and Raid, PC fans - internal and external, CPU coolers, connection cables, computer cases, keyboards, mice and graphics tablets.
- Add in cards, USB 2.0, firewire 1394, combo cards, serial and parallel cards, SATA PCI, PCI-Express, PCMCIA cards and eSATA II cables and brackets.
- USB Cables - Certified and uncertified, adaptors, converters, firewire cables, printer cables, PC power cables, keyboard and mouse extension cables and adaptors, monitor cables and adaptors - D-Sub and DVI, serial data and modem cables, adaptors and gender changers, internal PC power and CD-Rom cables, IDE flat and round drive cables, SATA 1 and II internal and external cables, SCSI cables and adaptors.
- Barcode scanners and notebook accessories.

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Nata Accredited Testing Facilities
The Engineering and Research & Development departments have a NATA accredited laboratory.
The facility conducts testing to the Australian and International Standards assisting with quality and government and industry compliance. Testing includes dielectric testing, heat cycle testing, and mechanical (tension) testing.

Cabac Training Programme
Part of CABAC's commitment to service the needs of our customers is to provide ongoing product and application training.

The organisation has a commitment to service and Cabac's training programme is NECA recognised and has been endorsed by power authorities and major electrical companies throughout Australia.

Quality - ISO9001
Consistent with the organisations commitment to quality, Cabac is accredited to ISO9001.

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Manufacturing and Services

Cabac's manufacturing facility is highly automated. The facility can produce both standard items and special orders to customer specifications. Cabac can consult, design and manufacture products to suit customer needs.

Design Service
The Cabac design service assists with issues of identification or connecting non-compatible cables (Metric/Imperial/AWG). Cabac utilises advanced CAD/CAM facilities and CNC machining for the design and manufacture of special items.

A next day delivery service is available throughout Australia for the majority of orders. A unique level of high service is offered to the electrical industry.

Servicing and Tool Calibration
Cabac recommends annual servicing of tools. Cabac's trained technicians can quickly repair, service or calibrate all your Cabac hydraulic, pneumatic or manually operated tools. Each repair or service is accompanied by a full service report.

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