DIE B035 CU 25MM

DIE B035 CU 25MM

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DIE B035 CU 25MM

Part No. B035-25

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    B035 - Battery Powered Lug Crimper - 3.5 Tonne

    The CABAC B035 crimper is a battery powered mini hydraulic crimper, developing 3.5 tonnes of force at the crimp face. It is light weight, and controlled by a simple push button operation, making fast reliable crimping very easy.

    • Crimps standard copper lugs 6 - 120mm2
    • Light weight 1.6kg, 355mm long, small and easy to use.
    • Head rotates 360º to get into tight spaces
    • Ergonomic and ideal for one hand operation
    • Quick stop motor
    • Manual retract
    • Quick crimping time of 2 seconds for a full cycle
    • Crimping stroke 9mm
    • Charge time 15min (quick charge) or 40min standard

    The B035 tool is supplied in a plastic carry case with a charger and battery. If you require a specialist die, other than those listed below please contact CABAC sales.

    B035 - WHO
    Tool with complete Set of Copper Dies 6mm2-120mm2

    Dies for B035 Crimper
      Nominal Conductor  
    A/F Hex
    B035-6 6 4.4
    B035-10 10 5.7
    B035-16 16 6.3
    B035-25 25 7.7
    B035-35 35 9.2
    B035-50 50 10.4
    B035-70 70 11.5
    B035-95 95 14.2
    B035-120 120 16.5

    Technical Data
    Crimping force 35kN
    Dimensions of case 560 x 560 x 105mm
    Weight in case 3.5kg
    Ambient operating temperature   -20ºC to +40ºC
    Battery 9.6V, 1.3Ah, giving
    approx 85 crimps

    Accessories and Spares
    B035 BATTERY Battery
    B131-C CHARGER Charger

    CABAC engages in the practice of continuous product development and refinement and as a result information is continually updated to reflect advances in technology. This allows us to provide our customers with the most up to date information about products and practices. Please check our website for the latest information and supporting technical data.


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